The a & b type homes (Numbers 2 & 3) at Ludford Grove are ready to roof! The guys on site have pulled out all the stops to make use of the good weather.  The brickies finished building the block and brick walls up to roof height yesterday, so a crane will be on site today to drop the roof trusses in place.

Photo 14-04-2014 16 50 33


The scaffolding has come down from Number 1 (detached) and the first fix electrical and plumbing work has been completed.  The plasterers have also finished their work so the painters will be next outside.  Inside, this fancy insulated KoolTherm board will be going up on the walls and in a couple of weeks from now, the gorgeous painted kitchen will be due for installation.

Photo 14-04-2014 16 51 43

Still on track for September completion! If you’d like to live here, give Jenny a call in Savills on 01 6181300 or email her by clicking here