[testimonial_slide author=”Jack Y.”]Little touches made a big difference, a phonebook showing all the stages of the house being built and the champagne. ¬†Class![/testimonial_slide]
[testimonial_slide author=”James B.”]Twinlite did everything they could to make us feel at home the day we moved in, down to having a bottle of Champagne waiting![/testimonial_slide]
[testimonial_slide author=”Marian O’D.”]I’ve moved three times in my life, and each time its been a Twinlite built house. I hope I won’t have to move again, but if I do, I know where I’ll go.[/testimonial_slide]
[testimonial_slide author=”Lian Chen”]Twinlite were very easy to work with when buying our first home here in Ireland, we are very happy here in Tyrrelstown.[/testimonial_slide]


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