House Prices rise again!

ITS ALL ABOUT SUPPLY!!! Dublin was perpetually undersupplied during the boom because of high land prices and a tortuous planning process.  Builders went out further and further (and were followed by buyers) and now that prices have fallen in the capital, the remaining buyers (of which there are plenty, remember Dublin’s unemployment rate is 7.9% […]

Social & Affordable Housing Scheme

The Irish Times reported today that the Dept of Local Gov and the Housing Agency are reviewing Part V of the Planning & Development Act.  In English, this means that the Social & Affordable housing scheme, which has been part of the law governing planning and development since 2002, is being reviewed.  This scheme essentially […]

Dublin House Prices

A word about residential prices in Dublin. Now that we’ve got our new lovely property price register, it’s suddenly quite easy for everyone to become a statistician (the author is no different). From a very simple analysis, Jan 1 – Sep 9 during ’12 and ’13 (the latest date 2013 data is available for) there […]

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